MSC Longfin Calamari

Premium quality loligo. Hand selected. Fully Cleaned. Wild Caught by Lund's own fishing vessels and processed in Lund's facilities.

Plated MSC Patriot Longfin Squid Tubes

Sea Legend

Patriot Longfin Wild Caught Cleaned In Usa 4 X 2.5#

SLPR00738    Lologo pealeii, 3-5” T&T
SLPR00736    Lologo pealeii, 3-5” TO
SLPR00737    Lologo pealeii, 5-8” T&T
SLPR00735    Lologo pealeii, 5-8” TO
SLPR00734    Lologo pealeii, R&T
SLPR00733    Lologo pealeii, RO

Thai Salad with Calamari Squid

Sea Legend

Longfin Loligo Wild Caught 4 X 2.5#

SLBK00520    Loligo pealeii, 3-5 T&T
SLBK00523    Loligo pealeii, 3-5 TO
SLBK00539    Loligo pealeii, 5-8 T&T
SLBK00518     Loligo pealeii, 5-8 TO
SLBK00519     Loligo pealeii, RT
SLBK00522     Loligo pealeii, RO

Crispy MSC USA Longfin Calamari with Dipping Sauces

Sea Legend

Other Offerings

SLBK00514    Sea Legend IQF FC Wide Cut R/T USA
SLBK00515    Sea Legend IQF FC Wide Cut R/O USA
SLRD00633   Seafood Mix Premium BAP Certified *
SLBK00579   Loligo pealeii, TO 1 lb Retail
SLBK00580   Loligo pealeii, T&T 1 lb Retail
3000837        Peruvian Squid Steaks 4 - 6 oz, 6 X 5#
SLPG00815    Sea Legend Dressed Porgies

Whole Frozen Loligo Squid

Sea Legend

Whole Frozen USA Loligo Squid

LL325   6"-8" Whole Frozen
LL425   8"-10" Whole Frozen
LL525   10"-12" Whole Frozen

About Lund's

Since 1954 the Lund’s Fisheries brand and products have inspired trust and confidence world-wide. With locations on both West & East coasts of the USA, Lund’s is the only domestic producer of 3 squid fisheries. We are able to offer our customers a wide range of high quality land and sea frozen seafood produced by our company owned fishing vessels and the many independent vessels we deal with.

About Sea Legend

Lund's Fisheries' Sea Legend brand products provide a spectrum of premium products at value pricing. Whether it is MSC certified Wild Caught Product of USA, or ASC certified Farm Raised products, the Sea Legend brand has the product to meet your customers quality standards. Sea Legend offers our widest variety of IQF products.

Refreshed Calamari Squid Raw

Refresh Squid

Refreshed in Lund's own processing facility. Offered in Domestic or Imported product. Tubes & Tentacles, Tubes Only, Rings & Tentacles, and Rings Only. Available in convenient plastic tubs or styro pack.

MSC USA Shortfin Calamari Raw

USA Shortfin-MSC

Wild Caught by Lund's own vessels in the North Atlantic from an MSC Certified Fishery. Offered in Tubes & Tentacles, Tubes Only, Rings & Tentacles, and Rings Only. Available frozen in 2.5 lb blocks.

Imported Squid Raw

Imported Squid

Traditionally cleaned, ready-to-use. Sourced from Lund's trusted partners around the world. Offered in Tubes & Tentacles, Tubes Only, Rings & Tentacles, and Rings Only. Available frozen in 2.5 lb blocks.

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