Lund's Team

Lund's Fisheries has been a trusted name in seafood for over 60 years. Our tight-knit team of seafood industry experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality catch from the sea.

Jeff Reichle: Owner/Chairman of the Board
(pictured, at right)

Wayne Reichle: Owner/President
(pictured, at left)

Matt Viall: Chief Financial Officer

David Gray: Vice President of Added Value Division

Greg DiDomenico: Fisheries Management Specialist

Mark Fratiello: Director of Sales and Marketing

Federico Sehringer: Director of Compliance/Quality Assurance

Jeff Kaelin: Director of Sustainability and Government Affairs

Gene Taormina: General Manager of Cumberland Freezers

Here’s just a snapshot of the Lund’s Team.


  • Mario Gonon

Inventory Team

  • Nathan Babore
  • Kathy Brooks
  • Victor Del Rio
  • Jessica Greenwood
  • Darlene Walsh

Cumberland Support

  • Maria Ballesteros
  • Dee Denby
  • Margarita Lopez

Production Team

  • Andy Babore
  • Bud Brooks
  • Jorge Carmona
  • John Hruska
  • Kristen Franklin

Maintenance Team

  • Scott Snyder
  • Dave Novsak
  • Andrew Hunt

Customer Support

  • Wendy Rutledge
  • Jackie Marshall

Accounting Team

  • Brad Altman
  • Jenette Dougherty
  • Danielle Harris
  • Erin Jefferis
  • Matthew Jefferis
  • Rita Robertson
  • Noah Siciensky

Sales Team

  • Andy Babore
  • Heidi Todd
  • Jeff Miller
  • Mike Wallace
  • John Fee
  • Jeff Cofer
  • Shawn DeBose
  • Tom Rohde

Imports & Exports

  • Andrew Maddalena
  • Jackie Marshall
  • Nick Canuso

Transportation Team

  • Dale Gerhard
  • Johnny Olaniyan
  • Jerry Verrico


  • Brian Sweeney
  • Frank Grabowski

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Don't be shy. Let us know if you have questions.


Don't be shy. Let us know if you have questions.