COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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Lund’s Fisheries Coronavirus Disease(COVID-19) Update

To our Customers and Employee’s

Lund’s Fisheries wishes you, your family and employees good health in this challenging time of global pandemic. Since 1954, through wars, storms and health events, Lund’s has been your direct-from-the-source USA-based seafood supplier.

Lund’s continues to work with the support of its valued employees to help keep the seafood supply chain intact and without interruption.  “We are doing our best to ensure a steady supply of high-quality seafood products for grocery store seafood departments” said Wayne Reichle, President.

Lund’s Fisheries harvests and produces U.S. scallops and squid which are processed under the most demanding quality and sanitary standards.  Likewise, Lund’s imported, and value-added products meet these same criteria and are ideal for home preparation when so many restaurant establishments are closed for business.

With the new scallop season about to get underway April 1st, with its fleet of boats, Lund’s is uniquely positioned and committed to providing uninterrupted supply of seafood through its trusted supply chain partners and longtime relationships during this crisis.

For more information or if Lund’s can help you with your seafood needs contact us at  [email protected]

From the Lund’s family to yours, stay safe and healthy.